LAW FIRM DIVINIUSWe put our clients interest and goals, in the first room.

ABOUT USWe see the law from another perspective

Divinius Law Office opened it's doors October 31th, 2016. Divinius in Latin and means divine - something that we hope permeates throughout our business.

We strive to be a modern and simple law firm by de-legalizing the law and making it readily accessible to mean men. For us it is a matter of course to always put our clients’ interests in the forefront. This means that we are efficient and price conscious while we are competent and quality conscious. Our goal is to always provide qualitative and effective legal advice and counseling in disputes within the legal areas in which we operate.

You can read more about the Agency’s employees below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment for an initial consultation!

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Emma has a law degree from Lund University. She has previously worked with the Limhamn Lawyers in Malmö and most recently at the Family lawyers-office in Kristianstad as Deputy Office Manager.

LAWYERMarie Traunsberger

Marie most recently comes from Advokatbyrån Limhamnsjuristen (“The Limnhamn Lawyer Lawfirm”) and works with criminal cases, custodial care, migration law and family law, amongst other things. She has also worked at Malmö administrative law.

Marie accepts commissions as a public defender, plaintiff’s counsel and a special representative for children. 

Marie will primarily man our office in Lund, but will also be present at our office is Kristianstad.

ADMINISTRATORCharlotta Sjösten

Charlotta has a law degree from Lund University. Amongst other things, she has worked at the Swedish Migration Agency, and most recently at the City Mission, where she has assisted people in vulnerable situations. She has also done non-profit work for several organizations.öm-e1588157769133.jpg


Emma works as an administrator at Divinius. She got her law degree in Syria, and was hired as a trainee at the Dahkol lawfirm, after finishing her education at the University of Aleppo. Emma speaks Swedish, Arabic and English.

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