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FinancingLegal protection or legal aid?

If you end up in a legal dispute, you may be able to get assistance with the funding of attorney costs through legal protection or legal assistance. Legal protection usually takes place through your home or village insurance. Legal aid is a state compensation that can be paid out if you do not have legal protection. Below we summarize briefly – you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions. When you hire us, we will of course help you to apply for legal protection and / or legal assistance.

The main rule when you are in dispute is to use the legal protection in your home insurance to get help with the financing. The conditions for legal protection differ between different insurance companies. We will help you investigate what applies to your insurance company.

In the event that for some reason you are unable to obtain legal protection, you may instead be entitled to legal aid. A prerequisite for obtaining legal aid is that your “economic basis” is less than 260,000 kronor per year. In addition, you will need legal assistance and it should be reasonable for the state to contribute to your costs in the dispute. The assessment is made by the Legal Aid Authority or the court in which the dispute is in progress.

Before submitting a legal aid application, an initial consultation will be held with you as a client. This counseling usually lasts for about an hour and this will cost you yourself. One-hour counseling currently costs 1,755 SEK in accordance with the state-aided legal aid tax for 2020. At the initial consultation, we will jointly review your case and you will be given the opportunity to tell you about the dispute. Then we will assist you in setting up a legal aid application if it is applicable to you.

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